Five tips to Make Your Blog Active and Likeable

Effective blogging is very important especially when you’re a new blogger. The following tips will help you obtain loyal viewers.

1. Know how to promote your Blog:

Here are some helpful tips from Karen Liez:

Preparing for my own blog, this article is a big help for a beginner like me. Check it out! Did you know that Youtube and Forums can be a big part in promoting your Blog?

2. Keep your content fresh and simple

Updating new content makes for a happy reader and keeps viewers interested. It isn’t necessary to post every day, but you should spice it up a bit at least once a week.

Also remember that you are blogging not writing a book. When viewers see long paragraphs, they tend to quickly become disinterested and move on to something easier to comprehend.

Make sure you break up your points into short comprehendible sections. Short paragraphs, bullet points and number list are key into keeping your readers wanting more.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is something we all do, but as we get older managing your time is going to be the key to a successful career. Make sure you set time aside to write stand out blogs because the more time you allow yourself to write the better the blog will be. It is easy to say I’ll do it later, but next time you go to say that remember that it’s only going to stress you out in the end.

4. Use a little eye-candy

Visual aids are important when it comes to blogging. It not only supports the piece you wrote, but it appeals to those who only learn by seeing. By doing this you are broadening your horizons. Remember though you never want to clutter your blog with visuals.

5. Change it up

You don’t always have to write the same style blog. Use a variety of different ones like interviews, guests post, videos or even podcasts to keep your viewers intrigued and coming back to see what you will do with your blog next.

Even though this is not all you need to be an excellent blogger, it’s a start! Enjoy!Image

Image credit: Canonplanes via Compfight 


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