5 Traits on Writing an Effective Press Release

Many people misjudged how important writing is in the field of Public Relations. In my interview blog, Blaine, told me that writing is one of the most important things in the PR world. He also expressed that it is especially important when it comes to writing press releases. Press releases are a way to get information out to different publics. Here are some tips on how to write an effective and useful press release according to Mickie Kennedy from PR daily.

press release

Image Credit: Via Compfight


1. Identify the news angle.

The first thing you want to do is get your audience’s attention. The information in your press release must be something that your audience wants to read. You want to pick a newsworthy angle that is going to make the public and reporters take notice. Some characteristics that will help you do so are being unique, showing off your personal brand, and being short and sweet in your release.

2. Short and sweet.

As stated above you want your press release to be short, sweet, and to the point. Reporters are normally too busy to read long, drawn-out press releases. Great press release writers get straight to the point and deliver the story in as few words as possible.

3. Use simple language.

When writing your press release, use words that you know your audience will understand. If you use big words your audience will get lost and most likely become disinterested and stop reading your press release.

4. Attention to detail.

It’s all about detail when it comes to newswriting. You don’t want to get your facts wrong because then your story is useless and your credibility goes downhill. Detail to grammar is also super important. If you send a press release filled with typos and errors no one will take you seriously. Always make sure your press release is mistake-free.

5. Last but not least, getting the media to contact you.

The main objective when writing a press release is to get the reporters to contact you. You want them to reach out to you so that they can get more information to write a story. Remember to always leave your readers asking more.

Hope these tips help you when you go to write your next press release!


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