#Hashtag #Gone #Wrong

This week’s topic is all about #hashtags! The use of hash tags is a great idea for companies to promote their product because users can make their own hash tag about the company and generate a conversation from it, also connect with not only the brand but different individuals as well. However, companies have to be careful when considering using Twitter to get the word out about their organization because there have been many hash tags that have gone wrong.

Image Credit: Via CompFight
Image Credit: Via CompFight

One hash tag that went sour was Subway’s #5dollarfootlongs. The $5 foot long was advertised all over social media and when it came time to bring it to Twitter people started taking it out of its content. “#5dollarfootlongs that’s what she said,” people started to tweet. They were interpreting what was supposed to be a promotion for Subway’s sandwiches as a sexual slur.

In return to how the public interpreted Subway’s hash tag, they did nothing about it. Subway didn’t mind the sabotaging of their hash tag; they actually felt that the joke was worth the additional promotion for their company. I think I would have reacted the same. The sandwich is called a foot long, it’s not Subway’s fault that some individuals have perverted minds.

But in the future, here are some tips to use when hash tagging for your company:

1.Declare the message you want to portray.

-Make sure you have a clear message that your audience will understand. You never want there to be confusion as to what your hash tag is saying.

2.Consider the meaning behind the hash tag.

-Always make sure that there is a meaning behind your hash tag. A well-defined meaning behind hash tags will help promote your organization that much more.

3.Know who will be viewing the hash tag.

-This applies to your audience. Who is your target? Is it adults, teens, celebrities etc? The way you word your hash tag will have everything to do with whom you will be talking to.

4.Lastly, look before you tweet.

-You find people saying this lot in the PR world, “Always have proper spelling and grammar.” This is reiterated time and time again, so before submitting your hash tag make sure everything is spelled correctly. You don’t want someone to misinterpret your tweet.



2 thoughts on “#Hashtag #Gone #Wrong

  1. I found your post to be very interesting and also very insightful to those with companies considering if they want to start a slogan with hash tagging on Twitter. When I saw those certain tweets back then when Subway first came up with the idea, I didn’t think much of it either because either way, the company was still getting a lot of promotion from it regardless, so I agree with you. Great post!

  2. This is hilarious! I like that you included tips to ensure #hashtags are successful rather than a sad tragedy. I have blogged about having correct grammar and proper spelling so I’m happy someone else agrees!

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