Campaign Objective:

To increase awareness of The Center for Genomic Advocacy at Indiana State University among students and the surrounding community. This includes awareness of The Center for Genomic Advocacy’s services, projects, and features as well as the Genomic Advocacy classes/certificate soon to be available at ISU. Community and students will be able to learn about genomics/genetics through an increased presence on campus.
Campaign Materials/Elements Available for Local Use:

Campus Buildings
▪ Bulletin Boards

▪ Radio/YouTube PSA
▪ Campus Advertising
▪ Twitter/Facebook Advertising

Printed Materials:
▪ Fliers
▪ Brochures
▪ Course Descriptions

Miscellaneous/Viral Marketing:
▪ T-shirts
▪ Temporary tattoos
▪ Stickers
▪ Other marketing products

Previously designed logo and letterhead at our disposal to be used for
▪ Flyers
▪ Posters
▪ Brochures
▪ Press Releases
▪ T-Shirts

Campaign Tactical Plan and Recommendations

Public Relations

Use free marketing as much as possible before allocating funds to this publicity. With the popularity of social media and free media coverage, and it will be the easiest way to get people to come the events put on by The Center for Genomic Advocacy with the lowest cost. If free sources of publicity do not seem to work ads would likely be beneficial in the long run. The development and proper use of social media as tools for advertising, community relations, and modes of informing is crucial to our goal of increasing awareness.

Our goals:
▪ Run an article/story in ISU/local newspaper on TCGA
▪ Revamp handouts such as fliers and brochures
▪ Build following/interest on social media networks
▪ Generate interest in new Genomic Advocacy Certificate
▪ Educate campus and community on Genomic Advocacy and the effect it has on our lives

Media outlets to utilize:
Print- Terre Haute Newspapers
▪ The Tribune Star
▪ The Indiana Statesman
▪ Signage on ISU campus

Radio- Terre Haute Stations

Social Media- TCGA run and affiliated
▪ Facebook
▪ Twitter
▪ Website

Estimated PR cost: FREE

Communication Materials

Marketing and communication materials to be used to advertise the event both on campus and in Terre Haute:
▪ Press release
▪ Newspaper article
▪ TCGA/Event fact sheet
▪ Fliers/Brochures
▪ Post-event survey

Estimated Communications Materials cost: FREE

Other Media
Properly utilizing the communications and marketing materials will help inform both the ISU and the Terre Haute community about the center, services, the courses/certificate available, genomic advocacy itself.

Other potential marketing materials include:
▪ T-shirts– cost TBD (based on quantity and design)
▪ Awareness bracelets- cost TBD (based on quantity and design)
▪ Banners/signs- cost TBD (based on size, design, and time for production)
▪ Food/drink for events- cost TBD (based on amount and type)

Locations for marketing and communication materials that could yield attention from our target publics:
▪ Indiana State University
▪ High-traffic areas on-campus (Commons, HMSU, Dining Halls)
▪ Residence halls, Recreation Center
▪ Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
▪ High-traffic city buildings (that allow signage to be posted)

Estimated Other Media cost: to be determined

Web site(s)
In the social media era, members of the community and ISU students alike will likely turn to the Internet for information once they have been exposed. The public will often search for a website as well as Facebook page or Twitter account depending on how tech-savvy they are.
▪ Make sure that event is advertised on all sites with TCGA name attached (website, Twitter, Facebook)
▪ Link on website to Facebook and Twitter page to get reliable real-time info
▪ Website-
Twitter- @GenomicAdvocacy


Estimated Web site cost: FREE

Social Media
Having a presence on the big social media sites is crucial to the success of the event. Large majorities of our target public are social media mongers and will want to keep updated this way as opposed to through campus email announcements. These days, social media is how people keep connected with community events and happenings. Promoting TCGA, their services, the certificate and the event will be key to making the campaign successful.
▪ Start advertising/announcing 2 weeks before the event. Much longer notice on social media will be forgotten.
▪ Having a consistent presence across all channels. More layman’s terms and less scientifically dense language/messages. People want the info quick, easy, and entertaining.
▪ Post images to draw more visual publics in.
▪ Reach out to public on sites. Don’t just announce; interact.
▪ Offer some type of small incentive for going to the event

Estimated Social Media cost: FREE

Group Collaboration:
Brochure/Handout Design: Zaqiendria
Commercial/YouTube PSA: Sayquan and Claire
Social Media and Campaign Draft: Haley
Incentive Coordination/Photography: Andie
Space Reservation: Jasmine
Press Release/Fact Sheet: Jordan
Final Presentation Design: Alex

To measure awareness, we will monitor TCGA’s social media following. We have recorded the Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers” on the accounts belonging to The Center for Genomic Advocacy to establish a baseline for where we began. We will then compare this figure to that of the ones the accounts hold after the campaign. More long-term, we discussed doing an activity where students are asked their definition of what “DNA” is, and their answers is recorded according to accuracy. These figures would be compared to the same activity being completed at a later period to see what percentage of those polled on campus know the correct definition and then what percentage after TCGA has had time to settle into their new following. This statistic is up to the responsibility of those in The Center for Genomic Advocacy.

Campaign Timeline
7- Turn in Campaign
12- Discuss final plans, Confirm with TCGA
13- Begin Social Media Campaign
14- Press Release and Fact Sheet
25- Post signage in areas discussed
25- Finalize location, food/refreshments for event
26- Send out final press release
27- Continue spreading word
28- Finalize volunteer roster/schedule
29- Replace fallen fliers/signage for event
2-6- Event week!


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